Primavera Pro 2017 Reveals Most Eclectic and Multi-Disciplinary Schedule to Date

Guests and activities confirmed for 2017 include Geoff Barrow (Portishead), Ian Svenonius (The Make-Up), booking agent Rob Challice (Coda), the writer Stephen Witt and a homage to Paloma Chamorro and La Edad de Oro

With less than two months to go before its eighth edition (from May 31st - June 1st in Barcelona), Primavera Pro 2017 has already disclosed a majority of the scheduled speakers and events; including many outstanding participants such as Bill Drummond (The Justified Ancients of Mu Mu), Imogen Heap, Billy Bragg (interviewed by Spanish journalist Antonio Baños) and the producer Youth.

Today, Primavera has announced the addition of several more speakers; including a keynote address from writer Steven Witt (author of “How Music Got Free”) about the end of the era of music piracy and the beginning of the period “in which DJs will be replaced by robots”. Additionally, Ian Svenonius (singer of the iconic The Make-Up) will interview Viv Albertine from The Slits in what promises to be an impassioned discussion about artistic and creative militancy today.

The challenges facing the music industry will be a major focus of Primavera Pro in 2017. Booking agent Rob Challice, co-founder of Coda Agency (who represent Bon Iver, The xx & Sufjan Stevens among others) will explain the reasons how they choose which artists to sign, in a conversation with Ruud Berends (from Eurosonic Noordeslag festival). Another topic of focus will be the expanding Latin American markets, in which panelists will discuss the market’s major platforms, labels and festivals. Additionally, the role and relevancy of radio in an era of streaming will be the subject of debate among reps from radio stations such as Triple J Australia and KEXP. There will also be a masterclass in social media focusing on contemporary artists, led by Álvaro López, the Digital Marketing Manager of Primavera Sound. Another noteworthy activity on the schedule this year is an interactive conference conducted by professor David Loscos, who will cover a variety of topics including; the steps a band must follow in order to book concerts internationally, an analysis of the sources of incomes of artists today, and finally a debate on the evolving relationship between musicians and brands.

Primavera Pro On-Screen Boosts its Credibility with an Exceptional List of Guest Speakers

In its second year, Primavera Pro On-Screen - a subsect of the conference dedicated to exploring the intersection of music and audiovisuals - will expand the scope of its activities and increase the number of guest speakers from the year prior. Geoff Barrow, member of Portishead, will discuss his 10 favorite musical/cinematographic excerpts in conjunction with composer Ben Salisbury (who composed the score for “Ex Machina” among others). Local directors Mau Morgó and Tomás Peña (Manson) will dive into the fascinating world of fandom videos, both of whom have vast experience in the field.

On-Screen will also be hosting a roundtable to pay homage to the recently departed journalist Paloma Chamorro, specifically discussing her TV show, La Edad de Oro, and the subsequent mark it left on the world and an entire generation. In addition to the previously announced speakers such as Bill Drummond and Carlota Guerrero, it is fair to say that an event such as this one is an absolutely essential conference for anyone interested in the relationship between music and audiovisuals.

In total, Primavera Pro 2017 will feature over 30 conferences, around 24 presentations, a new edition of Primavera Pro Startups, as well as showcases by over 40 artists from the around the world. 2017 will also host the International Congress of Concert Venues and Independent Labels, for which the schedule of events will be released in the next few weeks. The inauguration dinner will occur on Wednesday, May 31st - at which the Primavera Award will be presented. Combining the laid back receptions in the sunny Pati de les Dones of the CCCB and the mentoring sessions by some of the most outstanding professionals from the music and audiovisual industries; it’s fair to say that Primavera Pro 2017 is an irresistible event  for anyone involved in the music industry during Primavera Sound week.


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